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Panoramaenergetico scours the internet, as well as offline resources, for the latest and greatest information on renewable alternative sources of energy.

You might think that this is just a website dedicated primarily to solar micro hydro, hydro power, biomass, biodiesel, and other alternative and renewable sources of energy. You would be absolutely wrong because we also focus on cultural issues.

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Think About This

You have to understand that energy sources do not happen in a vacuum. When a small community decides to switch from fossil fuels to different types of energy, there is a chain reaction that starts. It’s kind of like a snowball effect. It doesn’t just involve certain budget allocations, certain contract provisions or supply arrangements, there’s also a change in mindset and local policies.

Usually, when there’s talk of wind power, for example, people are also talking about greater recycling and possible changes in how a municipality or local government unit handles the gray water or waste water of that community. These are all pieces of the puzzle that are interlinked. They have to be because we can’t just look at renewable energy policy in any and all efforts trying to save our environment using a cafeteria mentality.

If you’ve ever been to a cafeteria, you know that you basically walk in the line, and you point to each food item that you like. You can leave stuff, or you can take stuff. You assemble your meal plan so to speak. The problem here is that we can’t afford to use such a strategy. We can’t just have a short-sighted focus on one solution because we think that it’s very attractive. Afterwards, completely turn a blind eye, or continue to remain clueless about other consequences and other things that we need to do in conjunction with alternative energy.

What we do?

Paint the big picture

Our job here is to paint the big picture, so you can connect the dots. You can see the patterns, where all this is headed to, or your role in this change. This is necessary because none of this will translate into a reality that we could all see, hear, touch, taste and smell unless everybody gets involved, steps up and do their share.

The mindset

Regardless of how seemingly small, nothing is going to change because there is a tremendous amount of opposition out there, and it’s not the evil corporations. It is also not the vested interests who simply don’t want to change because there are just so much money to be made in things remaining the way they are. Instead, the big enemy is really the mindset.


Seriously, our biggest enemy is ourselves because there’s always, at some level or another, a part of ourselves that is just simply terrified of change. We haven’t seen it before. We feel we don’t control it, so accordingly, we’d rather run away from it. We’d rather kick the can down the road.

Th problem

The problem with environmental disaster is that it’s exactly the kind of problem you cannot afford to kick down the road. You might be able to postpone it from time to time, but eventually, it’s going to come back and be worse. We believe in directly confronting the challenges that we have right now, right here, and with concrete plans. This way, it would cost less, and we give ourselves maximum control as to what positions, alternatives and options we could take.


Compare this with how most local organizations and community groups make decisions. Usually, they wait until the very last minute until they feel that their backs are against the wall, and they really don’t have any other option. At that point in time, they start making desperate moves, and they end up making the problem worse.

Sparing Ourselves

Oftentimes, the problem has to get worse before it gets better. We believe in sparing ourselves that dilemma. We believe that a little bit of advance planning can go a long way because it buys a lot of time, and this opens up a lot more avenues as far as options are concerned.