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if you have any resources in the Spanish language, or from Spanish language majority countries involving alternative energy resources.

We really need to hear from you because this is a community website. While we do have a centralized board that determines editorial policy, ours is really very loose. We believe in an open conversation. Even if you don’t agree with the urgency of the climate change challenge, we’d still love to hear from you.

We believe that an open mind is the best resource in solving any problem because we truly understand that we are facing a serious climatic challenge. It’s that if all of humanity is standing on a cliff, and we’re only a few inches away from total, unmitigated and complete disaster. With that said, we are open to people who would call us out. If you disagree with the science, let us know. If you have information that claims to debunk or contradict a lot of the conventional wisdom in the alternative energy movement, show us the evidence.

We are not wedded or joined at the hip to some sort of an ideological position. Instead, we are extremely devoted to one thing and one thing alone: we are looking for solutions. At this point in time, the most important and most workable solution that we can see is that complex of alternative energy sources. To recap, these are solar, wind, biomass, biodiesel, tidal and hydro power-related energy sources.

The reason why we tend to have an affinity with these is that they are renewable, cleaner and cause less environmental harm. However, if you can bring to the table some serious and compelling evidence that debunks all of that and makes a solid claim that traditional sources of energy like fossil fuels make more sense, have at it. We’re not going to shut you out.

We’re definitely not in the business of calling people names. This is why we want to make sure that anybody who is going to be posting comments, opinions, suggestions and any other type of feedback respects decorum. We believe in an open exchange of information, or in a flow of information that ensures that we have as wide of a selection of information as possible.

We do not believe in brainwashing, propaganda, or necessarily changing people’s minds just because you are so wedded to your opinion. A bad idea, even if it is subscribed to by almost everybody, is still a bad idea. We understand that, so instead of making this a popularity contest, or some sort of us-versus-them shouting match, we would like to create an open forum for all voices to be heard, and for information to be evaluated, shared and exchanged in a very calm, objective and polite manner.





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With everything above said, and now that you know our expectations, go ahead and share your resources, as well as your opinion.

Let us know if there’s anything wrong with the website

If you are clicking through the website, click on a link and end up with a 404 page or a “content can’t be found” page, do let us know.

This website is obviously a work in progress. While we have gone out of our way to make sure that everything flows together, and the links are working, since we are adding so much content on a rolling basis to this website, anything and everything can go wrong. If you are reading through any part of the website and see that something is off or not working as you think it should, do reach out and let us know.